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Sujag Fine Chemicals Private Limited, established in February 1999. It is headed by Mr.Suresh B Sheth, a Chemical Engineer, and has vast experience in working in the U.S., prior to founding SUJAG.

In the last decade, we have grown in leaps & bounds, with manufacturing facilities spread on four adjoining plots . We are exporting over 1000 tons per annum of products with an annual turnover of over Rs. 100 million. Our Group Company, AGRIGUARD MANUFACTURING PVT LTD, is engaged in CONTRACT MANUFACTURING.  

Our exports for the year 2017-2018 were worth Rs. 830 Lacs & is poised to cross Rs. 1200 Lacs in the next year.

Our investment in Plant & Machinery stands at Rs. 200 Lacs (aprox.), and Fresh investments are being recurringly made at the rate of about Rs. 20 Lacs per year.

We have concentrated our R&D efforts into converting existing processes into ZERO WASTE PROCESSES. We select our products and processes such that we neither generate any effluent nor any solid waste.

For the last four years our effluent treatment plant has become redundant! Sujag is a ZERO WASTE, ZERO DISCHARGE unit.

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